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Year in Review::2011

Later in Tzintzuntzan …

After some close calls with a great ball of fire in the church yards (La pelota p’urhépecha) it was time to make my way back to the graveyards and in search of the perfect shot … or at least a decent shot. I tried to make my way through one of the corridors of vendors […]

Catching up.

I’m not feeling inspired to write during this trip. While I was in Cuba – I hardly had the time, but at every chance I was scratching in my journal and trying to record the emotions, revelations, sights, sounds, etc. of the little island world I had dreamt about for so long. Mexico feels less […]

Dia de los Muertes

Yesterday we shot in the center of San Miguel for a Halloween celebration. Halloween isn’t generally celebrated in Mexico, but once kids find out they can dress up in a costume and get candy & money from strangers — how can they resist!?! Today we’re making a pilgrimage to the town of Tzintzuntzan in the […]

It’s a small world after all …

As I was waiting for my shuttle from Leon to San Miguel, I noticed a woman who looked a little familiar. We ended up on the same shuttle – so to break the ice, I decided to start a conversation — here’s how it went: Amy: “You look so familiar to me … where do […]

First stop.

Two weeks in the heart of Mexico beginning October 28th. The first week is all taken care of, in the form of a photography workshop, described as follows: Day of the Dead and All Saints Day are among Mexico’s most important and visually stunning religious celebrations. We start the week by visiting Guanajuato, designated a […]