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Weekend Update::January 6 – 12, 2014

Another slow and sunny week in the desert. Dinners with family & cowboys, Zumba and a beautiful hike up to Vulture Peak.



Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Saturday Night

Pictures from a lazy Sunday morning Internet exploration

Pictures with Words

See what remains to be done.

Big beautiful ring around the moon.


Randomly rediscovered snapshots

A friend was mentioning the other day one of the advantages of having actual prints is accidentally running across old pictures, whereas with digital images, you have to go looking for them.

I agree — it’s easy to lose track and forget about old images, which is what led me to use a set generator program to create a new set of pictures each day from random selections from my Flickr stream.

I’m really looking forward to see what comes up! I’ve already seen images I feel like I’ve *never* seen before! Fun!

Sweet Puppy

Zoe’s in the ICU. The house is hollow and empty without her and my heart is breaking. I’m really hoping she gets to come home soon.

Manzanita - Morning Fog (Zoe)

Trying to Lasso the Moon

Moon 3

Moon 6 Moon 5 Moon 4 Moon 1 Moon 2 Moon 4

“I’m standing on the moon, with nothing left to do, with a lonely view of heaven, but I’d rather be with you”

Spring Teaser

Every year in February we get a nice break from winter with a burst of sunshine and warm temperatures. Yesterday, Shannon and I went for a walk around town; first to Stumptown Coffee, then through Laurelhurst Park, a stop at Staccato Gelato and then some smelling and shopping at The Perfume House.

Purple Flower

Purple flower 2.