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I’ve been going through old notes I have laying around the house where I’ve made attempts to transcribe some of my dreams. What follows is evidence of a handful of those notes.

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It happened one night.

A dream.

Come True

As seen in a dream … then later found on Flickr.

According to my dream … this woman and this horse are heading in the direction of the starting gate at the races.

Flying Kangaroo (dream)

…They were going along on this orange desert when they came to a tall cliff and then the creature started to fly over the ravine. The landscape was very sci-fi looking. Very deep ravine, beautiful windy river below.

gcravine Red Ravine KangarooRed Rocks Red wall Jordan - Wadi Rum and Petra

Failure … then success. (dream)

I was taking pictures, then I had to ride a horse in a competition. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t warmed-up with the horse, and I didn’t know the course.

JumpDesert Tracks

Skiing with Joel (dream)

This morning I dreamt that Joel went with me to ski down the bunny hill. […] Later I was talking about it and Josh said, “You know why they call that run ‘Amnesia’?

My Pretty Pony (dream)

… He then turned into a miniature pony and the pony started galloping around. Sketch

Open Your Dream Eyes

This one, as many of them, seems like I was desperately trying to remember and hold on to some of the details, jotting down whatever came to mind in an attempt to hold on to whatever was possible. One incident explained how all 5 people were unrelated and killed differently — an accident in a […]

Complementary Colors (dream)

I had a dream that I was looking at “Complementary Colors” and there was an image that looked like it was Shannon’s reflection in a shop window – but one where she was positioned in such a way where there were 4-5 reflections visible at different angles. It was such a beautiful picture – and […]