I've been going through old notes I have laying around the house where I've made attempts to transcribe some of my dreams. What follows is evidence of a handful of those notes.

October 11, 2010

It happened one night.

A dream.

The dream that accompanied this image was a mixture of beauty and sadness that I really don’t know how to express in words – but a friend of mine encouraged me to try to make a collage and this was the outcome. I’m actually quite pleased with how similar it looks to the landscape I found myself in on the other side.

July 14, 2009

Come True

Come True, originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

This looks like a dream I had a few nights ago.

According to my dream … this woman and this horse are heading in the direction of the starting gate at the races. We’ll be in the number 11 slot. There are 13 horses all together. All of the horses have this exact coloring and all of the jockeys are women.

This particular woman is incredibly scared.

You see … she hasn’t been on a horse for several years and now she has to be in a horse race!?

She’s just hoping she can stay on – she’ll be clinging to the horse’s mane for her sweet dear life.

May 31, 2009

Flying Kangaroo (dream)

There was this creature, it sort of morphed from a black dolphin racing through a sandy desert into a flying kangaroo. It wasn’t quite either of those animals at anytime, but some mix of a number of animals, maybe a little prehistoric, and big, like a dinosaur.

There was a kid – maybe 8-10 years old – and he was sort of riding it – or being pulled by it. It was some kind of escapade that was being filmed. (And, in the dream, it started out with me watching a video of it – but then within seconds I was in it in a different way, at times I believe I was the one filming it.)

They were going along on this orange desert when they came to a tall cliff and then the creature started to fly over the ravine. The landscape was very sci-fi looking. Very deep ravine, beautiful windy river below.

At first they were flying over the river – but then it was part of the choreography for the flying animal to dive down the ravine and toward the river. At this point I was right there with them, falling/diving in tandem with them as I was filming the event. It was incredibly dark and scary and I looked up toward the animal and there was a Hawaiian man who was hanging straight down from the end of a rope attached to the creature and he was singing a mermaid song to keep the boy calm.

gcravine Red Ravine KangarooRed Rocks Red wall Jordan - Wadi Rum and Petra

The boy was on another rope lower than the singer, and he was holding on with everything he had and you could hear him breathing – short panicked breaths.

I was incredibly upset that his father set him up for this whole ordeal. (It reminded me of that 7-year-old girl set out to be the youngest pilot to make a cross-country flight. I remember thinking they weren’t going to make it, and I was heartbroken when my worries became a reality not long after they’d set out on their trek.)

May 30, 2009

Failure … then success. (dream)

I was taking pictures, then I had to ride a horse in a competition. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t warmed-up with the horse, and I didn’t know the course. I scrambled to get ready, got on my horse, desperately trying to figure out how I was going to do this. I finally decided to scratch and disqualify myself from the competition. This meant that I couldn’t compete in the next phase, and everyone (including myself) was incredibly disappointed that I gave up.

But then, I took off on the horse and galloped away down to some industrial part of town with some abandoned factories near a railroad track. The ride was exhilarating and I felt completely at peace. Then, Zoe was there – eating wildflowers by the train – and we (my, the horse, my dog) were all sitting there together – happy and relaxed.

Blue blur

January 12, 2009

Skiing with Joel (dream)

This morning I dreamt that Joel went with me to ski down the bunny hill. I had tons of fun (though I knew Joel was bored on this particular slope). Later I was talking about it and Josh said, “You know why they call that run ‘Amnesia’? Because it’s soooo boring you forget about it as soon as you’re finished with the run!”

There was more stuff in the dream – like trying to fit the entire family into a little compact car (including luggage and two big dogs) after picking up Paul from the airport — ordering breakfast at 3:00 in the afternoon – and Mom wondering why old houses had doorways that were shorter than she was. “I don’t have to duck through any of **my** doorways!” She said. I responded “Well, that’s cuz you built your house after you knew how tall you were.”

November 21, 2008

My Pretty Pony (dream)

Mr. Mexico was sitting in the front seat. He scooted over to get closer to me and it was getting obnoxious and unsafe. He tried to kiss me and I couldn’t see, so i swerved off the road and stopped the car and had him get out.

He then turned into a miniature pony and the pony started galloping around.

I realized I was parked in the show ring and a miniature pony show was going on. I had to get myself and the pony out of the ring and try to sneak the car out.

Once we were on the other side, the car turned into a stroller and the ponies were on the other side lined up to get their ribbons, so we just reached under the rope and pulled the stroller to the spectator side of the ring.

Pretty Ponies

September 13, 2008

Open Your Dream Eyes

This one, as many of them, seems like I was desperately trying to remember and hold on to some of the details, jotting down whatever came to mind in an attempt to hold on to whatever was possible.

One incident explained how all 5 people were unrelated and killed differently — an accident in a bar wherein it set a series of different things in motion and killed all 5 people in unrelated ways that wouldn’t tie them together. I remember thinking how clever I was coming up with each separately.

I loved the way it felt … I thought it was like being on a swing – then suddenly – the color came into play (super bright and bold color) and I was seeing what I would see on a swing. I realized I was dreaming and still aware – so – I wanted to open my dream eyes wider to see the beautiful images and color without waking myself up. At one point I realized how high I was flying and got a little freaked out – so wanted to come back down – reminded myself that it was in my control – so just to bring myself down – then – I was down really low on the ground – like low as the bugs – and I decided I wanted C to come – everything was in such great color and clarity – I thought it would be fun to have him there in this world.

So – I concentrated sooo hard – once I saw Zoe up close – the whole dream was sort of like looking through a fish eye lens – and this moment was Zoe’s nose up close and I realized – ahh .. I was looking for someone I loved and it made me very happy and she gave me kisses.

Earlier in the dream — one side of my face started to feel numb and then I couldn’t talk at all – and I was trying to communicate that I needed to be taken to the ER.

I wish I could remember that whole dream – it was very cool.

August 16, 2008

Complementary Colors (dream)

I had a dream that I was looking at “Complementary Colors” and there was an image that looked like it was Shannon’s reflection in a shop window – but one where she was positioned in such a way where there were 4-5 reflections visible at different angles.

It was such a beautiful picture – and I was looking closer – and discovered it was actually two pictures – left and right – with reflections of each of them in their own picture, but they were overlapped in such a way that if you focused your eyes on one part of the image, it looked like one face, but was really half of Koko’s picture, and half of Shannon’s picture – and the face was the perfect blend of each of their faces. If you focused in a different way – you could see the separate images of each of you – and there were in fact a few in each picture from various reflective surfaces in the frame.

It was sooo cool and beautiful! And you know how sometimes you’ll dream of people you know, but it won’t actually look like them in the dream? Well, in this dream, images of Shannon & Koko were just as they are in real life!