Earlier this spring I was spending a few weeks in the desert with my family. During this time, I started to strike up a friendship with someone I’d known only on the very peripheral of my social circles in previous years.

While I was on vacation and corresponding with this person, I felt an incredibly strong connection with him and wondered if we’d really become friends “in real life” – or if this was just a quick phase of emails that would eventually find their end.

One night I was gazing out at the vast desert sky and decided to ask the Universe, “Will he be a significant part of my life?” I decided that seeing a shooting star would be a “yes.”

Within an hour, I’d seen nearly 10 shooting stars. I firmly believed this was the Universe letting me know that he would indeed become a friend and a significant part of my life — and now 7 months later, I can confirm that yes, indeed, he is a friend and a significant part of my life.

Turned out that we were in the midst of a meteor shower, Lyrids, but I had no idea when I asked the Universe — so I still believe it was a response to my question.

This fall there was a family event beckoning me back to Arizona and it happened to be near the time of another meteor shower, Leonids. Since I knew there was little chance of the skies being clear in Portland, I decided to take advantage of the new moon and the desert sky and extended my visit in Arizona to watch the sky when the earth passed through the shower.

I woke Mom up at about 1:30 in the morning and we sat outside by the fire and gazed up at the sky “ooohing” and “ahhing” at the falling stars.

I was a bit too tired and cold to bother trying to take my own pictures, but we did see some beautiful stars and here’s a picture someone else captured in case you didn’t get to see it yourself.

imgp6403_yahtzee 2009 Leonid Meteor

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