Tweets from Spain

I’ve been meaning to go through some of my recent travel memories and write up summaries that I didn’t take the time to do while traveling. Turns out, I’m having a hard time doing that regardless of how much free time I might have.

To try to get the ball rolling, I’m just including all of the “tweets” I wrote while traveling around Spain. It will be a good memory jog for me once I take the time to write more about it, though it probably serves as good as any summary I’ll be able to come up with anyway.

Note: The dates & time listed below are Pacific Standard Time; so, if you’re paying attention to that information on the tweet, just jump ahead 9 hours from what’s posted.

Calle in Barri Gotic DSC_0040.JPG Plaza Mayor DSC_0101 DSC_0036 DSC_0098

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