Flying Kangaroo (dream)

There was this creature, it sort of morphed from a black dolphin racing through a sandy desert into a flying kangaroo. It wasn’t quite either of those animals at anytime, but some mix of a number of animals, maybe a little prehistoric, and big, like a dinosaur.

There was a kid – maybe 8-10 years old – and he was sort of riding it – or being pulled by it. It was some kind of escapade that was being filmed. (And, in the dream, it started out with me watching a video of it – but then within seconds I was in it in a different way, at times I believe I was the one filming it.)

They were going along on this orange desert when they came to a tall cliff and then the creature started to fly over the ravine. The landscape was very sci-fi looking. Very deep ravine, beautiful windy river below.

At first they were flying over the river – but then it was part of the choreography for the flying animal to dive down the ravine and toward the river. At this point I was right there with them, falling/diving in tandem with them as I was filming the event. It was incredibly dark and scary and I looked up toward the animal and there was a Hawaiian man who was hanging straight down from the end of a rope attached to the creature and he was singing a mermaid song to keep the boy calm.

gcravine Red Ravine KangarooRed Rocks Red wall Jordan - Wadi Rum and Petra

The boy was on another rope lower than the singer, and he was holding on with everything he had and you could hear him breathing – short panicked breaths.

I was incredibly upset that his father set him up for this whole ordeal. (It reminded me of that 7-year-old girl set out to be the youngest pilot to make a cross-country flight. I remember thinking they weren’t going to make it, and I was heartbroken when my worries became a reality not long after they’d set out on their trek.)

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