Open Your Dream Eyes

This one, as many of them, seems like I was desperately trying to remember and hold on to some of the details, jotting down whatever came to mind in an attempt to hold on to whatever was possible.

One incident explained how all 5 people were unrelated and killed differently — an accident in a bar wherein it set a series of different things in motion and killed all 5 people in unrelated ways that wouldn’t tie them together. I remember thinking how clever I was coming up with each separately.

I loved the way it felt … I thought it was like being on a swing – then suddenly – the color came into play (super bright and bold color) and I was seeing what I would see on a swing. I realized I was dreaming and still aware – so – I wanted to open my dream eyes wider to see the beautiful images and color without waking myself up. At one point I realized how high I was flying and got a little freaked out – so wanted to come back down – reminded myself that it was in my control – so just to bring myself down – then – I was down really low on the ground – like low as the bugs – and I decided I wanted C to come – everything was in such great color and clarity – I thought it would be fun to have him there in this world.

So – I concentrated sooo hard – once I saw Zoe up close – the whole dream was sort of like looking through a fish eye lens – and this moment was Zoe’s nose up close and I realized – ahh .. I was looking for someone I loved and it made me very happy and she gave me kisses.

Earlier in the dream — one side of my face started to feel numb and then I couldn’t talk at all – and I was trying to communicate that I needed to be taken to the ER.

I wish I could remember that whole dream – it was very cool.

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