Complementary Colors (dream)

I had a dream that I was looking at “Complementary Colors” and there was an image that looked like it was Shannon’s reflection in a shop window – but one where she was positioned in such a way where there were 4-5 reflections visible at different angles.

It was such a beautiful picture – and I was looking closer – and discovered it was actually two pictures – left and right – with reflections of each of them in their own picture, but they were overlapped in such a way that if you focused your eyes on one part of the image, it looked like one face, but was really half of Koko’s picture, and half of Shannon’s picture – and the face was the perfect blend of each of their faces. If you focused in a different way – you could see the separate images of each of you – and there were in fact a few in each picture from various reflective surfaces in the frame.

It was sooo cool and beautiful! And you know how sometimes you’ll dream of people you know, but it won’t actually look like them in the dream? Well, in this dream, images of Shannon & Koko were just as they are in real life!

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