Dia de los Muertes

Yesterday we shot in the center of San Miguel for a Halloween celebration. Halloween isn’t generally celebrated in Mexico, but once kids find out they can dress up in a costume and get candy & money from strangers — how can they resist!?!


Today we’re making a pilgrimage to the town of Tzintzuntzan in the State of Michoacan for the Day of the Dead. Of course this holiday is celebrated everywhere in Mexico, but we’re going straight to the source.

Also today my teacher (Raul Touzon) said I just joined the ranks of the “exceptional photographers” in the classroom. I worry that it may have just been a lucky shoot — but I’m going to take his compliment and let my ego savor the moment and basque in my new found glory, even if it just turns out to be 15 minutes of fame :)

Let's go over there.


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  1. hola amy!

    the photos of dia de los muertes are EXTRAORDINARY! your teacher sees that you are also, already:-)

    muchas hugs! barb

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