It’s a small world after all …

As I was waiting for my shuttle from Leon to San Miguel, I noticed a woman who looked a little familiar. We ended up on the same shuttle – so to break the ice, I decided to start a conversation — here’s how it went:

Amy: “You look so familiar to me … where do you live?”

Woman: “I live here in San Miguel.”

Amy: (thinking, thinking, thinking …)

Amy: “Were you recently in Cuba?”

Woman: “Yes … well, not exactly recently … but …”

Amy: “In Febuary?”

Woman: “Yes!!”

Amy: “We were on the same plane from Havana to Cancun!!”

As I write this right now a few days later after so much else has happened (sorry — turns out there’s pretty much no time to write anything down) — it doesn’t seem all that amazing. But at the time – “Holy ____!” I was a little blown away.

San Miguel is just as beautiful as they say. And though everyone speaks Spanish with me, the American influence is a bit overwhelming. We were in Guanajuato yesterday and that town is more my speed. More on that when I have more time. Now I’m ridiculously busy taking loads of crappy pictures. Every once in a while a few good ones sneak in – hopefully the ratio will be improved by the end of the week.

According to Rob Brenzy, it’s actually in the stars for me … my horoscope for the week includes this line: “Some tiny improvement you accomplish will make a major difference.”

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